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Booking Request or General Questions

Simply fill out the form on this page. All you need is a loose idea and we will take it from there! For larger pieces we will schedule you a consultation, free of charge, to discuss your ideas with one of our talented artists. If you would prefer to schedule over the phone, or need immediate assistance, please give us a call at 678.594.0533.


Selecting an Artist

Here at Mystic Owl Tattoo we have a great selection of versatile artists who are able to cover a broad range of tattoo styles. We encourage you to browse our artist portfolios and select an artist that best meets your desired style. If you are unsure of which artist is best suited for your style, that is just fine! Our scheduling staff is very knowledgeable and will help place you with the most appropriate artist for your piece.

Please keep in mind that some artists are available sooner than others, so if you would like to get in as soon as possible, it is unnecessary to select a specific artist.