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Eternal Aftercare. For Your Tattoos and Your Health.

You have researched long and hard and finally found the studio where you want to get your tattoo. The artistry is superb, the studio is clean and the staff is friendly. You have consulted with the best tattoo artist and scheduled an appointment.

Now, your awaited appointment date has arrived! After a good night’s sleep, you eat a balanced meal, continue to hydrate and walk through the studio doors with your ID in hand. Whether you sit in the tattoo chair for ten minutes or six hours, you excitedly admire your tattoo and cannot wait to show it off.

After following your suggested aftercare the maintenance is done and you will now be able to enjoy your tattoo for many years without any more maintenance. Right? WRONG!

Caring for your tattoo after it is healed is just as important as caring for it in the more seemingly delicate and immediate time. While tattoos are permanent, their beauty always isn’t, but it most certainly can be. The number one element that ages and destroys tattoos is the sun. It is no secret that prolonged sun exposure is a detriment to your health, and it is just as bad for the aesthetics of your new, bold and bright tattoo.

There are many good topical sunblock options on the market that can help protect your tattoo, and it must be reapplied according to instructions, as sweat and water can wash it away. Although it helps, you are still at risk for burning the ink in your skin.

The best way to protect your skin and your tattoo that you spent your hard earned dollars on is to cover it with clothing, and UV protective clothing is even better! There are tons of options for the water, the beach general use. These handy little arm sleeves are great for wearing while going for a run, cutting the lawn of even while driving in the car!

Caring for your tattoos while outdoors is very easy and will give your tattoo longevity. While we cannot fight the aging of our skin, we can definitely avoid accelerating it. Take an extra step to care for your tattoos, your skin and overall health. Trust me, your body will thank you, and you will look good doing so.

(side note: before getting tattooed it is just as important to ensure the area is not overly exposed to the sun or burnt. If it is, you will likely be unable to get tattooed at the time of your appointment.)

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