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Express Yourself: Why Tattoos Are an Awesome Form of Self-Expression

Tattoos are beautiful. They’re fun. They’re art. And they’re a great way to show the world exactly who you are and what you care about.

For years, tattoos were taboo. Only sailors or tribes from far-away lands were the ones who donned this type of permanent art.

As time has passed, though, tattoos have become a part of mainstream society.

If you’ve been thinking about finding a way to express yourself or your creative vision to the world, you should think about getting a tattoo.

5 Reasons Why Tattoos Are the Perfect Form of Self-Expression

Here are just a few reasons why others choose tattoos. Take a look at these reasons and see if any resonate with you.

1. You Can Mark a Special Occasion or Life-Changing Event with a Tattoo

A lot of people decide to get a tattoo after they’ve been through a life-changing experience.

For example, multiple survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing have invested in tattoos. They say the art has helped them heal from the trauma. It also reminds them of the gift of life and to be grateful of every moment they have with their loved ones.

Some choose to get tattoos to remind them of their strength or of a loved one they’ve lost. While others may get tattoos to mark the births of their children or the anniversary of their marriage.

2. To Show the World What Makes You Unique

Every single tattoo is unique. It shows the world what makes you tick – what’s important to you.

Are you a fan of a certain type of flower or animal? Do you feel a strong connection with nature? You’re not alone. A lot of people get tattoos of things which make them feel at one with nature, the planet, and all the life on it.

Do you prefer vintage art? Then, you might get a tattoo of a WWII pinup girl or a piece of art popular from decades ago.

3. They’re Art – What’s Not to Like?

Tattoos are permanent works of art. You can show off your artistic sensibilities by getting a tattoo.

Whether you want your artist to tattoo the Mona Lisa on your arm or you prefer an abstract design – the options are limitless.

Believe us – once you get a work of art tattooed to your body, you won’t be able to stop staring at it. And you’ll definitely want the world to see such a beautiful piece of art.

4. Feel a Connection with Your Ancestors

Tattoos are nothing new – they’ve been around for generations.

Indigenous people of various countries used tattoos as a way of reflecting the art and culture of their people.

If your ancestors used tattoos this way, you might feel a deeper connection with them if you get a tattoo which represents your culture.

5. They’re Great Icebreakers

Oftentimes, people will be in awe of the artwork on your body and will ask you about it. They might ask who the artist is. Or, they might ask you about the meaning behind your tattoo. Or, they might just say they like your tattoo.

Whatever they have to say about it, a tattoo is a great icebreaker which can put both you and the person you’re talking to at ease.

Let the World Know Who You Are with an Awesome Tattoo

Now that tattoos have become more mainstream, all kinds of people are choosing to invest in them.

They view tattoos as beautiful works of art. In fact, tattoo artists are some of the greatest artists the world has ever seen. The talent of some of the artists out there these days is truly astounding.

Whether you want to show the world you’re a creative creature, a survivor, or you have a bit of a wild side – tattoos are one of the best ways to express yourself.


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