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Join Our Team: Seeking Exceptional Tattoo Artists for Mystic Owl Tattoo in Marietta, GA!" Are you a talented tattoo artist looking for an exciting opportunity to showcase your skills and grow in a welcoming and professional environment? Mystic Owl Tattoo in Marietta, GA, is on the lookout for outstanding tattoo artists to join our dynamic team. We're committed to maintaining a studio that thrives on artistic excellence, exceptional customer service, and a positive, drama-free work atmosphere. Here's what we're looking for in our potential team members:

  1. A Strong Portfolio: We are dedicated to delivering high-quality tattoos to our clients. As such, we require tattoo artists with a strong portfolio that demonstrates their skill, creativity, and versatility.

  2. Strong Work Ethic: Our team at Mystic Owl Tattoo prides itself on a strong work ethic. We expect our artists to be punctual, professional, and dedicated to their craft.

  3. Great Customer Service Skills: We believe in going the extra mile to ensure our clients have a memorable experience. Excellent customer service is a must for our artists, making sure our clients feel comfortable and valued.

  4. Driven and Willing to Learn and Grow: At Mystic Owl Tattoo, we encourage personal and professional growth. We seek tattoo artists who are driven to improve their skills and learn from others, continuously evolving in their craft.

  5. Humble, Respectful, and Friendly: We foster a positive and respectful atmosphere at our studio. We value humility, respect for fellow artists and clients, and a friendly demeanor, creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

  6. No Drugs, Drama: We're committed to maintaining a drug-free, drama-free environment. We seek artists who are focused on their art and maintaining a harmonious workplace.

If you believe you meet these criteria and are excited to become part of our passionate and talented team at Mystic Owl Tattoo, we'd love to hear from you! To apply, please submit your portfolio, a brief introduction about yourself, and your contact information to [your email address or the method you prefer for applications]. We look forward to meeting artists who share our passion for tattoos, art, and providing a remarkable experience to our clients. Join us at Mystic Owl Tattoo, where your talent will be celebrated, your growth supported, and your artistic journey cherished. Let's create amazing art together


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