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The Popularity of Portrait Tattoos: Why You Should Think about Getting One

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Have you ever seen someone with a tattoo of another person displayed somewhere on their body? This is called a portrait tattoo, and they’re more popular than ever before.

Like all tattoos, portrait tattoos are incredibly personal. Every single person has a different story. We understand the uniqueness and specialness of these tattoos, which is why we are passionate about providing the absolute best results.

Why are more people than ever before choosing to get this type of tattoo in Atlanta? Should you get one, too?

What Are Portrait Tattoos? Why Are They So Popular?

As was already stated, portrait tattoos are tattoos which look like a portrait. They can be an image of just about anyone, whether real or fictional.

The reason these types of tattoos are so popular is two-fold.

First, a lot of people love having a constant reminder of someone they love or admire. The second is these tattoos – when done well – are true works of art.

To get all of the unique characteristics of a person’s face into tattoo form is an incredible skill. It takes time, patience, and talent to achieve.

4 Reasons Why People Choose to Get a Portrait Tattoo

Here are four top reasons why people choose these types of tattoos, and why you should consider getting one, too.

1. It Serves As a Memorial

We’ve all lost someone dear to us – a parent, sibling, child, best friend. Even losing a pet can feel like we’ve just lost one of the most important parts of our life.

When people lose someone, they often like to do something to memorialize the person. Some people start a charitable foundation or give to one in honor of their loved one. Others keep a significant memento of the person, like a piece of jewelry, and wear it every day.

Still, others get a portrait tattoo of their lost loved one. Just as some people get a tattoo as a way to mark a significant moment in their life, some people choose to forever remember their loved one with permanent ink.

2. It Reminds People of the Most Important Things in Life

“What’s the most important thing in your life?” Some people would say it’s their spouse or partner, while others say it’s their children.

A tattoo gives people the opportunity to let the world know what’s most important to them. For instance,

Angelina Jolie has multiple tattoos with longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates. Each coordinate coincides with where she gave birth to or adopted each of her children.

Similarly, many people like to get portrait tattoos of their children. They do this to keep their loved ones close to their heart, especially if they have to be away from home a lot.

3. It’s Perfect for Die-Hard Celebrity/Character Fans

Another reason people choose to get portrait tattoos is because of their die-hard fandom of a certain celebrity or fictional character. Some famous real-life and fictional icons which have been honored with a portrait tattoo include:

  • Willie Nelson

  • Iron Man

  • Yoda

  • Al Pacino

  • Thor

4. Tattoo Artists Can Replicate a Work of Art

A tattoo can be a perfect representation of who we are. It’s a great way to express who we are, what we believe, and what we’re passionate about.

If you’re passionate about a certain work of art, we highly recommend getting a portrait tattoo of it. For example, let’s say someone’s favorite painting of all time is the Mona Lisa. They can see a lovely depiction of the famous lady with the sly, mysterious smile every day if they get a portrait tattoo.

Choose a Tattoo Artist Who Has Some Portrait Experience under Their Belt

Tattoo artists may be talented, but that doesn’t mean that every single one is going to be great at providing portrait tattoos. One artist might be great at more abstract work while another does exceptional work with portraits. When deciding which artist to choose, ask to see the artist’s portfolio.

It’s really important to find a tattoo artist who has portrait experience. This will ensure that you get a tattoo that does justice to the person, pet, or character that you’re honoring.


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